Storage System

It’s hard finding stuff inside a cardboard box with assorted items specially after taping it closed. My solution was to make a web application with number system, keyword search and QR codes.

To search for the item that I’m looking for I can simply type a keyword and list all boxes that matched, photos are also available to quick view what’s inside.

The other option to view what’s in the box is by scanning the QR code label outside the box with your iPhone or any smartphone with QR code app reader. Scanning the QR code label will popup a window with a list and photos of what’s in it.

This is not magic! Of course you have to list the items you put in the box, take photos and add it in the system.

I use Avery 22806 template and the online software with mail merge to printout the labels.

For stuff that I use frequently I use Clear Stack, the transparent plastic storage box from Costco.