DIY Swivel Helmet Mount for GoPro

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea on how I made the 360 swivel camera mount.
If you chose to follow the techniques, approaches and methods shown, then you follow them at your own risk.

Here are 2 more videos

Backbone – Wood Canyon Vista
Point Mugu State Park

Sin Nobre Trail
Point Mugu State Park

One of my goal is to make it multi-use and quick & easy to mount. The best way for me to do it is to keep the existing GoPro helmet mounts on my XC (vented helmet mount) & Fullface helmet (curved mount).

This is a test project so my budget is limited, materials from this are mostly from whatever I can find in my garage.


  • Trekking pole : the adjustable length is perfect
  • Aluminum Angle Bar or L-bar : use as base connecting the GoPro helmet mount
  • Aluminum flat bar : back support attached with velcro
  • 3-Way PVC Pipe Fittings
  • Derailleur pulley : I have to remove the tooth to fit it in to PVC pipe, you can also use metal bearing
  • Fishing Sinker : for counter weight, melted/molded with bolts
  • Bike reflector mount : used to connect the pole to the PVC pipe
  • Broken GoPro quick release clip
  • Foam drawer liner : used for padding

GoPro Connection

Bottom View

Other use of pole:

  • Monopod – for higher angle & distance shots
  • Steadycam/Stabilizer – use with the counter weight

Keywords: mountain bike, mtb, 360, rotation, swiveling, go-pro, mounted, xc, downhill, full face

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