Cheap and Easy DIY Mountain Bike Rack

I have a THULE T2 bike rack but when I go out of town I am not comfortable leaving
my bike overnight outside the Hotel/Motel parking lot. If they allow bike inside the room,
much better.

There are 15mm mount available in the market from $20 to $40 (shipping not included) but I decided to make my own.

The inside diameter of a half inch (1/2″) pipe is a good fit for the 15mm axle.
You may need to smoothen the inside to make a perfect fit.
I already have the wood base and wood screws lying in my garage so I didn’t
have to buy them. I did not mount it permanently in my car, the wood base I
used here is from a recycled decorative furniture with 4 holes/screws in it.

Parts list

  • 1/2″ X3 Galvanize Nipple
  • 1/2″ Floor Flange
  • 1/2″ Black Pipe Tee
  • 1/2″ X Close Nipple
  • Wood Screws (4)
  • Wood Base

Total Cost : $9.61 (including tax)

Connect the Floor Flange, Tee and X Close Nipple together, make sure they are
securely tighten. Secure the assembled parts to a Tabletop Clamp and connect
the galvanize nipple using the Ridgid Pipe Tools. Measure the inside width
between the left and right of fork arm before you cut the pipe, this should
be 100mm. Cut the pipe using a pipe cutter and install the other end of the
pipe to the other side of the Tee, then cut it based from your measurement.
Make sure not to cut the pipe in an angle. Smoothen the edges of the pipe with sand paper.

Screw the assembled mount to the wood base. You are ready for another epic out of town trip. Enjoy!

UPDATE: My friend Ranier made one for his 20mm using 3/4 pipe, he has to file the upper portion (outer) of the pipe to fit his fork.

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